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INTERVIEW: Pedro Capelossi

Pedro Capelossi makes a welcome return to Loot Recordings with three new originals showcasing his deep, muddled sound that is steeped in melodic atmospheres and cosmic soundscapes.

The title track “Horimono” is a riveting affair with an arrangement of warm chords, swirling synths, and spaced out vibes. The breakdown takes us deeper, creating mystery with an alluring female voice. Chiari from Brazil delivers an energy-boosting remix for peak moments that interweaves smooth layers of deep house with the grit of deep techno aesthetics.

“Irezumi” is a deep groove of rocking synths mixed with psychedelic undertones, accented by spinning synth hooks and a booming bass beat. Krissky delivers a dubby, wacky performance that seems to stretch time with its slow pace and tight effects and analog sounds. A real tension generator.

The release's close is "Dark Purpose," highlighted by a thumping bassline, crisp percussion plus comforting weird effects and groovy chords. A real chunky groove that can set the tone for the evening or welcome the morning sun.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing Pedro and this has been the result.

1 - Pedro, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Firstly, congratulations on your latest release Horimono, can you tell us a bit about the story behind this collection of tracks?

Hello, thank you for having me!

I'm an enthusiast of Japanese tattoo and art. Horimono and Irezumi (the first two tracks of the EP) are names related to Japanese tattoos.

So these tracks were made when I was doing the most important and challenging tattoo of all, an entire traditional back piece that took 6 months to finish (some people take years or a lifetime to do that) with painful sessions every couple of weeks. Of course I had to give those names to the songs, once I was deeply involved in the "Irezumi" art.

Also at that time we were in the worst part of the pandemic, a period where my tracks and sets were really introspective and obscure, something you definitely can tell by the style of all tracks and especially the third track called "Dark Purpose".

2 - What is it about Loot Recordings that made it such a great home for the release?

After some time releasing music you find out that the best labels are those that care about the music and artists and really support and give value to your work. Also those who push every release to its highest potential.

There's no point in releasing your tracks with major labels if they don't really care about you and really don't respect your work. I rather work with a few I trust than sending my tracks everywhere these days.

It's not just about the day you sign the tracks and the day they're released, the most important things are those that happen in the middle of the process or even after, the way the label manager treats you and your needs, the attention he gives to your project, that's what really matters.

So Loot Recordings has it all. I know Kered cares about quality and works really hard to get the most of all releases as well as he is a really cool guy to deal with during this whole process.

3 - How would you say this differs from your other work?

I come from a long way trying to find a line and to define a style that I really want to push and develop in my productions.

I've been struggling for years to find a personal line that blends everything I really like - deep house, dub techno, progressive house etc., so this EP is definitely a breakthrough in that sense for me.

4 - Chiari and Krissky have delivered two amazing remixes, what on your thoughts on their takes?

I'm a big fan of both guys and I love both remixes.

They're part of my inner circle of producers that I trust when I'm looking for feedback etc. We speak regularly about music and we all play the tracks of each other, so their names came naturally as remixers for this project.

Krissky is already an artist of the label so it was a very easy call to get him in. His remix is a great expression of his art, with those deep and minimalist details only he can deliver. He used pieces of the original track in a very intelligent and unique way.

Chiari is new to the label and I think Kered couldn't be happier. This guy is super talented and I think he has a great future. His remix is a consolidation of his new style - an energetic piece of deep tech with a groove from another planet, using some very carefully picked parts of the original work like shots of the vocals and the atmosphere.

5 - Have you had a chance to test them out on the road yet? Which track gets the best response?

I've already tested both versions of Horimono so far and the response was great.

I hope that some people are already testing the whole EP out there!

6 - Are there any instruments or plug ins that really define this EP?

Definitely some effects like my favorite delay "Replika XT" from Native Instruments and "Portal" and "Thermal" from Output.

They're all over these tracks and I can't live without them anymore.

7 - Summer is just around the corner, where can see you play over the coming months?

I'm not playing a lot these days. I'm very picky about gigs as I rather have a great one than ten regular ones.

I played last week in São Paulo - Brazil in their best club called D-Edge. Apart from having the best sound system, illumination and the perfect club structure, that's a place where people go to listen to good electronic music, a place where the crowd respects the DJ and the culture, that's the most important thing to me these days.

But even though I have nothing really planned right now, I'm certainly playing a couple times this summer in Barcelona and Ibiza.

8 - What more can we hear from you this year release wise?

This year is looking good!

I come from a very successful 4 track EP released on a label I love called "Sound Avenue" from Belgium. We might have a follow up of this EP with remixes only later this year.

I also expect to release a very cool third EP on Pablo Bolivar's label "Seven Villas" from Spain, at some point this year.

Plus some remixes will be out, like one I just finished for Armen Miran's label "Hoomidas" from Los Angeles.

And last but not least, one more track in the next Loot Recordings Summer Compilation.

Not a lot, but definitely nice ones coming!

Thank you again Pedro!

My pleasure!


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