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INTERVIEW: R.MISSING presents Kelly Was a Philistine (bow church Remix)

R. Missing is New York vocalist Sharon Shy and producer Toppy. The enigmatic duo known for their bleak pop noir have released a remix of their cult track "Kelly Was a Philistine" by Berlin producer Bow Church.

Bow Church first made its name on the London witch house scene alongside artists such as Crim3s and OKKVLT KɅTT. Their sound evolved after relocating and absorbing the experimental and gothic electronic scene in Berlin.

The original version of ‘Kelly Was a Philistine’ was released on vinyl by the revered French label Talitres as part of the 2017 EP ‘Unsummering’. 2021 has already seen the release of R. Missing's single 'Crimeless' on Sugarcane Recordings with remixes by GusGus and The KVB.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with them, and this has been the result

Hi Sharon and Toppy, how are you? How did your day start?


Right next to a thick cloud that can blur out sunlight (half the time).

How did the remix of "Kelly Was a Philistine' come about?"

Like a Blood Moon.

What have you tried to express in your last work?

Distance, problems of practice.

How has your sound evolved since you started?

I do not know with certitude that it has.

What are your current musical inclinations?

I have no past, current or future inclinations, musical or otherwise.

What are your present and future projects?

Learning how to use 'faraway' in any sentence.

What do you appreciate about the world?

Foreverness, recentness, farawayness, overcast weather.

What do you hate about the world?

Care and administration.


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