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A big welcome to RCKSTR who joins us today on Chromatic. We sat down for a chat about him, his life and his music.

Can you tell us a little about your experience and your background in the music business?

I’m a music producer and sound designer from Italy, actually based in Milan.

I'm always been a music lover but the first time I get into music seriously was at 14, when I start to playing with some DJ software and DAWs recording my mixes and live mashups. In the successful years I started to djing at some friends parties till at 18, in 2011, I get the the first gig in a club in my hometown, located in North Italy, not far from Milan.

Then my trip in electronic music started, in successful year's, I kept dining and getting more closely to music production and in 2013 I release my first official remix, for the Dutch artist and singer Wannabeastar and the Strfckr records. The next step was moving in London and getting inspired and expand my music culture and experiences and after 2 years a moved back in Italy and start to study sound engineer and sound design at NAM in Milan, meanwhile djing in north Italy clubs.

The passion for producing, creating music and sound design grew continuously, more than djiig and in 2017 I released my first EP ACIIID FRIDAY, signin on Afro Acid, Dj Pierre’s record label, which is the originator and pioneer of the Acid House movement and house music innovator.

I’m not the kind of artist who release a lot of music, every track must express me and what I’m into at 100% and I’m also a geek of production and sound design. In the last five years, I just released a four-track EP in 2020 and signed on Funk N Deep records. In the last year's, I worked a lot on music, continuing molding my sound and knowledge, feeding my different shades of creativity and passion for technical things, opening doors also to different projects in music, working for cinema e tv music supervisor and sound engineer for example which is what I continue to do parallel to making music. I still use to DJ and performing live, but honestly, hard times now!

Where are you from? do you feel that has a big impact on your sound?

I’m from North Italy, coming from Emilia Romagna, but actually I’m located in Milan.

Where I live inspire me but honest I don’t think my sound is really influenced from the place i actually stay or I come from.

What artists and genres do you enjoy most right now?

There is a lot of great artist and sound actually and I’m into a lot of music genres for my work. Anyway Elisa Bee is a great underground artist who delivers a great sound but she’s already big and international stage

What is the story behind your new release? how did it come together?

My last work is a remix of the track Lux by Dario Rossi.

Dario is a great artist and also a friend, when he released his single Lux, before releasing his 1959 album, I heard the track Lux and immediately wrote to Dario, saying my congratulations and how I love the track, then I decided to propose to Dario a remix because she inspired me a lot, a kind of tribute to an artist that I love and also a great friend. Dario was happy about and he permitted me to work on Lux, sending me just the vocal sample, then I worked on the idea, till this banging version come up!

Has your sound changed a lot in recent years?

Yes, My sound is mutable and always evolve!

Do you feel you can have a more experimental sound in the modern scene?

In this project… I want to make electronic music for dancers, I always experiment with sounds and music production but I would to keep not to experimental, having a coding easy to catch by the listener and raver.

In others projects I feel free to experiment more!

We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

Evolution always affects everything but I think with the digital and technology the creativity is helped to being expressed without to’ much difficulty’s. I know more possibilities you have and less creativity you can get from you! There is others problem who affect musician energies and creativity, is the bad approach of the people with internet and social networks, they are not a problem, are part of the problem evolution, is the wrong approach we and the society have with this tools.

Dangerous for many industries and Art.

Can you tell us what's next for you?

I’m working on a lot of things but I can’t tell you more now!

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