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Actualizado: 24 may 2022

A new talent who garnered early support from luminaries and listeners alike while still in his early 20s, Sonnee releases his long-awaited four-track debut 'Your Love'.

On the new Attack Decay Sweet Release imprint (from the mgmt team behind Model Man and Lawrence Hart), the EP is full of soul and a breath of fresh air: each track works independently but together they create a multi-faceted multi-genre. release.

The EP features 'Leave The Water Still', which garnered Jaguar's 'Dance Floor Moment' on BBC Radio 1 and heavy DSP support. A high, acidic vocal soars with a rhythmic bass rounded off by energetic percussion, while a piano melody ripples through it. 'Say It Now' is an intriguing and engaging track; a throbbing, undulating beat remains rooted to the earth, while cut and manipulated vocals maintain a grainy soulful essence and synth notes leap around them.

The ambient soundscape for 'Your Love' was captured on a portable sound recorder. The feeling of the city seethes through the track, while the melodic percussion is immersed in the foley of the nightscape of the capital. The closing of the EP is 'For Violet'. A soft start with a shower of soft chime progressions, before Moog's distorted chords join and blend around sweet breathy vocals.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing Sonnee and this has been the result.

Hey Sonnee, can you tell us a little about your career in music so far? Where are you from / how did you get into music?

Hey! I’m from Manchester, now living in London. I got into music properly around the age of 14 when my brothers left to go to university & I needed to start choosing music to listen to myself, instead of passively listening to theirs. I feel like I’ve only just properly started music career-wise, up to now, it’s been around 4 years of working on tunes every day. I released a few tracks by myself which I am proud of. But now I feel ready to put out a body of work & keep going from here!

What were some of your earlier musical influences?

Growing up, my parents always had music playing. I remember moments like listening to The Avalanches’ album ‘Since I Left You’, or ‘Plastic Beach’ by The Gorillaz on the way to school, or long holiday drives to Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, Burial, Beach House & Portishead. It was pretty varied stuff, normal to me at the time but looking back pretty eclectic.

You’ve just released your debut EP ‘Your Love’ on the new label Attack Decay Sweet Release. How did this EP come together, what track did you write first?

The majority of the EP was done over the last year, with the first track being ‘For Violet’. For Violet came from a more typical Sonnee style tune with drums & all, but it seemed to miss the point so I went back, deleted most of it and after 30 mins more of tweaks it was pretty much done. It does usually take me a lot longer.

You’ve said they are all to do with different types of love – did you start with this as a concept idea then expand from there, or did the music come first then the concept took shape?

It was only after all the music was done & I was listening back, that it became very obvious to me where my mind was at when I was writing each song.

The EP came together over a very transitional period for me – new relationships, relocating cities. Each track is very much a reflection of the strong emotions sparked by relationships, particularly during times of change.

When you first started producing, what impact did you want to make with your music? Do you think you are managing to achieve that so far?

When starting out, my only goal was to make just one person feel something.

…I hope that’s happened by now!!

What artists and genres do you enjoy listening to right now?

Really been into more uplifting dance music at the moment, from Jamie XX’s new single ‘Lets Do It Again’ & the TSHA + Diplo track ‘Let You Go’, to harder stuff like the Ross From Friends Remix of Jeshi’s 3210.

We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

It’s hard for me to say as I have only really been creative in the digital age, but I would say musically it’s giving people infinite tools to be more creative than ever.

What’s next for Sonnee?

EP2, remixes & start to develop a proper live set.

Save/stream HERE. Watch ‘Say It Now’ Visualiser HERE.


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