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Ahead of his challenging and experimental LP release “Space Is Full Of Noise” Chromatic got the chance to sit down with TON 618 to find out more.

Can you tell us a little about your experience and your background in the music business?

TON 618 background came from the idea to awaken consciences about the Cosmos, the Space and make people aware to it. Music is the means to do it.

Where are you from? do you feel that has a big impact on your sound?

TON 618 came from planet Earth. So yes, it has a big impact on their music, for sure.

What artists and genres do you enjoy most right now?

Nature always inspire TON 618, mostly because is science sound. Ambient Drone from Space as well had big impact since the very beginning.

Persian, or iranian, scene alongside icelandic one and Denmark.

Chinese sometimes is interesting too.

What is the story behind your new release? how did it come together?

TON 618 was born in 2019.

Its first track was released during the spring of 2019.

So the idea of a whole album came out in the end of the year.

The pandemic affected many people on Earth, their lifes, their tastes and many other things.

So TON 618 was the thing that linked everything with one only means:


It came out with the idea to fix together music and astrophysics, astronomy, Space in a way.

Has your sound changed a lot in recent years?

Not very much. TON 618 sound came from Space, so it is not recent at all. It couldn’t be.

Do you feel you can have a more experimental sound in the modern scene?

That’s a good question for TON 618.

Through the last 30 years, experimental music scene took shape in many different ways.

From Warp to R&S, Rephlex and others, just to name a few, the genre grows fastly.

Various modern experimental artists, like Burial or Ben Frost, especially during the last 15 years, have been on the forefront to create new sounds, for a new shape of the XXI century.

TON 618 mission is to bring forward to a next level this kind of music, even if is not suitable in any kind of genre.

We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

It depends.

Many artists are much more free to create music easily shareable when it is digital, as well as it is much more easy to create music just with a computer, headphones, a DAW and few plug-ins.

But at the same time market is overwhelmed of shits.

Can you tell us what's next for you?

Not yet, for sure 2023 will see something.


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