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Interview with Indie-House DJ and Producer Ido Morali

We met with Indie Dance & Electronica music DJ and producer Ido Morali, to talk about what moves him. He started his career 10 years ago as the resident of underground club The Bootleg in Tel Aviv’s, before moving on to Beit Maariv and the coveted decks of popular events such as Circo Loco, Lunar and Space Miami. Keep reading to find out all about this eclectic musician.

How would you introduce your work to someone who doesn't know you?

I'm Ido Morley from Tel Aviv and this year I'm closing on my tenth year behind the DJ decks already. In the beginning, I started out as a resident of the legendary Bootleg club in Tel Aviv, as well as resident at the Beit Maariv club.

This was during the breakthrough of electronic music in the country, bringing the greatest artists in the scene to the city. Today I am much more involved in music production and recordings, which is my main focus. I have took some years to develop my sound, and a genre that defines my productions.

What is the overall message you are trying to convey with your music?

The message I convey is a combination of love and joy, but mostly patience and restraint.

How did your latest release of your EP "Get Lock" develop?

The last release came out after a deep thought of a sound that I connect with and love, and especially to play it in my sets. The idea was mainly to bring what I like and play around with it creatively, which brought forth 2 different tracks that are on the EP.

The first track is the titular “Get Lock”, which is quite an experimental Indie-Dance tune that’s rough around the edges. To complement it, the second track named “Lamp” is similar in construction but with a much more full-bodied, melodic vibe. These 2 tracks together are like telling a story from beginning to end.

What is the one piece of equipment or tool that you will never get rid of, no matter what?

Mog Grandma

What did you buy during your last record store visit?

I bought some records with Israeli music from the 80s.

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