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Jack Realist & James Large - Let You Go [Ciclé Records]

Ciclé Records is a UK-based deep tech / minimal label, and their new release is a collaborative two-track EP from Jack Realist and James Large.

Jack Realist is a DJ and producer based out of Portsmouth in the UK, and his style fuses infectious basslines with immersive atmosphere and flowing percussion. He is making his Ciclé Records debut following releases on Uncut, Techords, Ohana Music and his own imprint Realism93.

James Large is a respected DJ from the UK who is dipping his toe into the world of production with his first-ever official release. Someone who already knows how to build tension and suspense on the dance floor, James Large has effortlessly translated his skills behind the decks into music production.

"Let You Go" is the EP's title track, and it opens the release with a bumping groove consisting of a breakbeat kick drum pattern and a deep bassline. Atmospheric vocal textures create a trippy atmosphere while snare rolls and crisp hi-hats fill the track with upbeat energy.

"Airplane Mode" is a dark and murky track with fragmented atmospherics and rolling bass stabs layered alongside digitised vocal snippets and tight clap hits. It's got a dubby aesthetic and hypnotic flow that combines moody atmosphere with dynamic percussion rhythms.


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