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JACOB COLON presents ‘MADE TO MOVE’ – October

Delivering yet another collection of striking episodes, October on Jacob Colon’s ‘Made To Move’ radio was certainly a stand-out month on the show. Detailed with tracks from a smashing line-up of talent and filled with productions from some of the most exciting Producers currently on the Electronic Music scene, the episodes are sure to have energised its listeners. With episodes all hitting the hour-long mark, ‘Made To Move’ offers the perfect escape for genre lovers, presenting them each week with the freshest sounds coming out of Electronic Music, impressing them time and time again with the remarkable production and mixing abilities of Jacob Colon.

As October on the show delivered tracks from top Electronic Music Artists like John Summit, Matroda, and Sllash & Doppe, Jacob Colon made sure to balance the episodes, diversifying the listening experience with productions from up-and-coming Artists such as Rick Silva and Daniel Matheu, to name only a few. As the airwaves became invigorated with hard-hitting beats, captivating melodies, and infectious grooves, Jacob Colon ensured the reputation of his radio show continued to grow during the month. Establishing himself as a tastemaker when it comes to discovering some of the most innovative and unique talents within Electronic Music, Jacob Colon appears unfailing in his determination to make his radio show one of the leading listens on the scene. Having developed an impressive production skillset, enabling him to curate dynamic and punchy mixes that are consistently high in quality, there is no doubt that Jacob Colon is fast becoming an influential talent within the genre and one to keep watching as he continues to take his creativity to new and exciting sonic realms.

Delving into the depths of Electronic Music, emerging every time to present original and distinct auditory adventures, Jacob Colon appears confident in his commitment to bringing the very best of the genre to his listeners. As ‘Made To Move’ continues to grow in popularity, with its broadcast on over 40 international radio stations across the globe, Jacob Colon’s show is certainly making an impact, leaving a lasting impression on its ever-growing fanbase as it delivers powerful sounds and intoxicating energy. So, if you are yet to tune in, make sure to listen to the next episode of ‘Made To Move’ as Jacob Colon’s show is guaranteed to provide an unmissable musical ride.

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