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Joyce Muniz & Theus Mago presents Ballin’ Bali

Brazilian born, Berlin based Joyce Muniz returns to Exploited with Ballin’ Bali: a dark Italo slammer, produced alongside rising Mexican star, Theus Mago.

Ballin’ Bali starts with a beautifully slinky arpeggio synth, which bubbles away as a tight, lip-smacking beat builds and a subtle robotic FX rubs up against the groove. Without warning, a flurry of 8-bit melody cascades from the aether, haunting scales play against a backdrop of cavernous reverb. From here, dramatic pads slice their way through the darkness, leading you towards the tense breakdown where pitched-up vocal cuts twist the flavour. Then comes the drop: A full assault of 8-bit synths transport you into an intense video game battle sequence, where sustained, sultry synths rasp: swelling and pitch-bending for a final touch of intensity. Ballin’ Bali is a track that sounds classic, yet contemporary, feeling at home on the turntables of dark Italo disco clubs just as much as on the sound systems of Balearic and Balinese beach bars this summer!

Joyce Muniz explains: ‘I’ve been friends with Theus Mago for a couple of years and I’m a huge fan of his productions. During a short creative block last year, I asked Theus to send me some unfinished ‘sketches’ so I could work on them. Ballin’ Bali was one of the ideas that I really liked. I recorded a new bass, some new drums and leads. I also changed the arrangements completely. Theus loved it and mixed it. Ballin’ Bali was the original project name. Weirdly, after playing in Bali for the first time this year, I realise that the Ballin’ Bali is a perfect fit for the Island!’

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