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Justin Hahn Drops Enthralling New Track 'Lost In Love' on Reload Black Label

Justin Hahn unleashes his latest pounding Techno anthem 'Lost in Love.' Drawing inspiration from the original track by Legend B from the '90s, Justin Hahn crafts a fresh & epic Techno production brimming with energy and euphoric ecstasy. The track's straightforward structure, sweat-inducing arrangement, and powerful synth melodies make it a driving club monster and a new signature sound for Justin Hahn.

In the break, Hahn skillfully builds up the entire tension, creating an unparalleled 'Hands Up in The Air' atmosphere before plunging back into the main part at full throttle, delivering a spine-tingling experience. This authentic and highly danceable contribution to Techno culture magically fuses '90s spirit with contemporary Techno, showcasing Justin Hahn's unique musical vision. The track will be released on Reload Black - Imprint by the spanish duo the Yellow Heads.


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