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Karry G: DJ from Ukraine presents a trilogy of tracks

Ukrainian DJ Karry G released three songs: «From the Ashes», «Passion», «River». She worked on these songs for a long time and wants her music to be heard in the world.

Karry G said: «DJing is a great way to express yourself artistically. It’s about creating your unique music and your flow in the mix to fully showcase your style and vision. You speak in tracks, not words. You tell your story. It's a very fascinating way of communicating, I must say».

Karry G also shoot an interesting visual for this tracks.

Karry told: «We just went into the studio in the morning and started writing it. I remember that I was immediately immersed in it. First the beat emerged, then the drop, then the lines were written. You know, to describe the feeling, it is a mixture of an ideas that was already in my head, then there was the here and now attitude when you just sit down and create, and I also thought of making a track that gets me moving».

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