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Lampé Returns to FORM Music with ‘No Matter’ EP

Following an impressive label debut back in May 2022 with his masterful Change It EP, hotly-tipped German producer Lampé now makes his eagerly anticipated return to POPOF’s FORM Music imprint, with the unveiling of his latest formidable two-track player, No Matter EP.

Landing on the esteemed French imprint for his eagerly anticipated sophomore outing, the exquisite two-part package presents an incredible showcase in dynamic, forward-thinking techno from one of the most exciting producers in electronic music today and follows a string of career releases on the likes of Jannowitz Records, Recovery Collective and Alula Tunes, to name a few.

Increasingly known on the international techno circuit for his emphatic, minimal soundscapes and diverse, eclectic atmospheres, Lampé’s treatment across the double-pronged package is hypnotic and brutal in equal measure. Kicking off proceedings, the title track Change It is a resounding peak-time techno cut that strikes the perfect chord between throbbing midnight energy and cutting edge production values, as rolling basslines and frenzied rhythms conjure an instantly iconic feel.

Manipulating his listeners’ emotions with the element of surprise, Lampé brings a unique energy and groove to his music, which spans over 150 productions to date. The flip see the German offer up his second and final solo production on the player with Visuals, building an assortment of unadulterated basslines and dark samples across the track’s five-and-a-half-minute duration. Maintaining the intensity for an impressive finale, intermittent drops and growling sub-bass provide the backbone of the closer, as Lampé fires on all cylinders to conclude another remarkable EP on POPOF’s FORM Music.

Lampé – No Matter EP is out now via FORM Music.

About FORM Music:

FORM Music is a label founded in 2009 by French producer POPOF in order to gather both new and established talented artists and to promote artistic open-mindedness by assembling various genres across the electronic music spectrum. The label celebrated its 100th release in January 2022 with a six-part remix EP of POPOF’s iconic 2009 hit Serenity.


1. No Matter

2. Visuals

Artist: Lampé

Title: No Mtter EP

Release Date: April 21, 2023

Label: FORM Music


Format: Digital

FORM Music

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