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Luca Draccar presents Soul Grabber [Lush Point]

Actualizado: 26 abr 2021

"Whoever wants to meet darkness must seek it in the daytime," someone wrote.

"It's interesting the idea that shadows and ghosts nest better in the light of noon than in the dark of night.

Demons, gods, vampires and other creatures that do not dissolve in contact with light, but feed on light "

This is how the note of the next reference of the Italian producer Luca Draccar opens, who launches Soul Grabber on the Lush Point label.

The EP is a selection of deep techno songs with many melodic and emotional overtones. The tracks are produced in the characteristic minimalist style of the Berlin-based Italian. The EP is completed with a great remix of the German legend T. Raumschmiere.

Jadore is a track driven by a powerful bass line, interspersed with colorful piano traces and a powerful vocoder. Open is a slightly more subtle track, perfectly suitable for opening a set.

Satan Club takes a darker path, opening up with low-pitched abstract sounds and a sampled breakbeat before launching into a frenetic, more arpeggiated beat. The Rest Is Noise uses arpeggios to great effect, interspersed with a selection of very interesting rhythms for rush hour in a club.

T.Raumschmiere takes The Rest Is Noise one step further this EP with his remix, creating a much more epic feeling in contrast to the subtleties of the original and thus demonstrating that this DJ and producer is in better shape than ever.

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