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Maracuja - A Vibrant Soulful Portrait [Secret Music]

Maracuja - A Vibrant Soulful Portrait [Secret Music]

Under the Secret Music label, Maracuja has released their first EP, “Portrait of a Soul on Fire,” on Monday, September 25, 2023. The trio, Stephane Lefrancois, Sarkis Ricci, and Elle Holgate, have created a blend of afro-beat, funk, and jazz that is both infectious and joyful. Stephane’s blend of live percussion and electronic grooves, Sarkis’ catchy hooks, and Elle’s intriguing vocal poems create a musical playground that is a feast for the ears.

The EP opens with “Re-Percussions,” a groovy instrumental that serves as an ideal appetizer for the following courses. “Chanel Blues” picks up the pace with frantic drums and an inspiring backdrop, telling an age-old tale of material possession at the expense of depth. The remixes in this EP are noteworthy, with Rise Ashen’s rub of “Chanel Blues” being a masterpiece of deconstructed revisiting, and Gregorio’s interpretation of the title track offering a balmy, ambient infused closure to the EP.


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