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Martay presents ‘Miss You’

Singer-songwriter Martay is back with another unmissable production titled ‘Miss You’, the talented artist presents a new Dance single that perfectly blends her R&B influences and powerful Electronic Dance music into a track that showcases her one-of-a-kind style and sound. Following the release of her latest remix track for ‘Long Way Home’ produced by Kustom, Martay is ready to showcase her style and add a new hot release that is ready to reach new milestones for this gifted artist.

Her signature sound, that mixes R&B and Soul influences with Electronic Dance music, has created a singular style that identifies her from her peers in the Dance music industry, giving her a special and recognizable sonic identity that’s surely not to miss.

Now, she’s ready to unveil her latest production that displays her sound and style in full power; In ‘Miss You’, Martay’s signature vocals guide the listening experience of the track, alongside a lively beat and its hard-hitting low-end that promptly starts the party; trap fills in the breakdown parts of the track add dynamism, as the playful and silky vocals and ad-libs provided by Martay convey an uplifting yet nostalgic vibe.

A refreshing and energetic atmosphere fills the listening journey that transmits Martay’s vision and intention as an artist; a perfect soundtrack for the summer, with a mix of longing and excitement, this track displays Martay’s unique blend of Dance music and R&B.

Martay is certainly paving her way to success with every release she puts out, showcasing her talents and skill and keeping her drive and passion for music intact, as her productions place her name high on the list of artists to follow in the Electronic Dance music realm. Be sure to follow Martay through her official social media channels as she continues to share her musical journey filled with promising and hard-hitting productions.

‘Miss You’ is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

Listen to ‘Miss You’ now

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