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Matisa presents ‘Cuddle’ EP

Matisa joins SOS Music for what feels like the ultimate musical pairing. Having been on a roll since her debut release in 2019, Matisa has quickly become a sought after name when it comes to her releases and dj sets, whilst she’s been seamlessly combining her music and fashion careers. During her journey of etching her sound into the dance community she has garnered a wealth of notable fans with her infectious and energetic productions, including Ben UFO, Shanti Celeste, Eris Drew & Midland and most recently Peggy Gou, who released her last record via GUDU Records.

‘Cuddle’ offers a burst of light and ecstasy through the form of two tracks which define her passion for vintage dance from the 80s and 90s, the era of vinyl music which she says changed her life forever. Both tracks ‘Cuddle’ and ‘Loove’ deliver fast paced vintage sounds that capture her own essence of peak club energy and the sound that she loves, working with a vision to create music for her own taste and different moods, rather than for others. Ironically ‘Loove’ is the more experimental track which was actually born from the track ‘Cuddle’ which she produced first, both work hand in hand and could easily be played side by side.


Matisa - ‘Cuddle’

Matisa - ‘Loove’

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