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MAZ'N drops new single Runaway

MAZ'N has always made music. As a teenager he sang in cover bands, later performed live on big stages as a background singer, or worked as a studio musician. Played as a pianist in bands, with clarinet in orchestras or he taught himself how to play the drums. At some point he wanted to start his own project and MAZ'N was born. With all the influences that accompanied him in his musical time. Electronic beats, melancholic melodies, sometimes dreamy and sometimes more determined.

In 2020 the EP "rising" was released and with the second album "renewal" things went uphill in 2021. Reports in relevant magazines, top rankings in FAZE magazine and numerous interviews, including 1 live. Live performances and more than 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify followed. Meanwhile, MAZ'N with its driving beats stands for the perfect festival atmosphere and makes people dance and dream. In 2022 the EP "on my mind" was released, in which MAZ'N released not only melodic house sounds but also the first song with clarinet in downtempo style. In 2023, MAZ'N appeared with "without" in Christian Löffler's "Wir" mix. In addition to the current release "runaway", another single will be released in August under the 3000 Grad label.

The song "runaway" is a musical progression from last year's single "morning lights". Similar in sound but even more driving and with a clearly pushing bass. It describes the feeling of running, fleeing without knowing your destination.

MAZ'N had had the idea of integrating piano influences into their songs for a long time. He started a work series and wrote 10 songs with the working titles 000-999. The song "888", whose working title was not changed, made it onto the new single. The harmonies are played similar to the Moonlight Sonata and only interrupted by a tempo break.


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