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Melleefresh presents ‘Melleefresh House Party’ – October

October was a month infused with energetic and electrifying vibes for fans of Melleefresh’s radio show, ‘House Party’; as she delivered yet more innovative and extraordinary music for listeners to enjoy, Melleefresh made sure she invigorated the airwaves with pulsing and adrenaline-pumped energy, igniting them with her powerful signature sound once again. With tracks from exciting Artists like Mochakk, Sidepiece, and Biscits, to name just a few, October on ‘House Party’ was certainly unforgettable.

Throughout the months she has been presenting her radio show, ‘House Party,’ Melleefresh has never failed to impress; delivering striking track line-ups time and time again, she continues to prove herself as one of the most important influencers when it comes to discovering the latest sounds and Artists within Electronic Dance Music. Punchy in energy and mighty in sound, it is no wonder that her show continues to garner the attention of genre lovers around the globe, quickly gaining a reputation as a reliably thrilling and captivating listen. This last month continued to prove why ‘House Party’ keeps soaring in popularity, high in quality and vibrant in sonic diversity, October brought another stellar collection of episodes for fans of ‘House Party’ to feed from. As listeners keep craving more from Melleefresh, her radio show will continue to cement her as a unique force on the scene, unstoppable in her determination to find and present the most pulse-racing sounds within the genre.

Within October’s episodes, Mellefresh’s mixes featured a range of talented Producers, highlighting the powerful work of gifted Artists such as Florian Picasso and Gene Farris. As she curates stimulating auditory adventures, highlighting just how diverse and exciting the landscape of Electronic Dance Music truly is, Melleefresh’s passion and love for the genre appear clear; translating this enthusiasm into the soundscapes of her radio show, Melleefresh ensures her listeners are left captivated, coming back week after week to hear the next instalment in her dynamic and colourful sonic world. So, if you’re in the mood to dance, make sure to tune in to the next episode of Melleefresh’s ‘House Party’ as it promises to be even more energetic than the last.

Listen to “Melleefresh House Party” episodes here:

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