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Miganova releases single 'Still Missing' on SINNER MUSIC

The musical landscape is enriched with a new gem. On October 13th, Italian music producer MIGANOVA, already known for his eclectic career and his victory in the “Beatport Producer Challenge” in 2020, introduces the world to his latest work: “Still Missing”, released under the Sinner Music label. This single is not just another step in his illustrious career; it represents a profound journey into the heart of sound and emotion. With deep and piercing sounds, “Still Missing” offers a bold and meticulous exploration of the sonic landscape. MIGANOVA has worked hard, dedicating time and passion to finding the perfect sound, and this is evident in every note and harmony. MIGANOVA’s bond with Sinner Music, not only as an artist but also as a co-founder, makes this release even more significant. “Still Missing” is not just a single, but a statement of intent, a sign of the artist’s personal and artistic journey. The music world is eagerly awaiting October 13th. “Still Missing” promises not only to be another chart-topping hit but a song that will speak to all of us, guiding us on our personal journey in search of what is still missing.


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