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Moses Belanger & Thaïs Sala release "Évasion"

Moses Belanger & Thaïs Sala release "Évasion"

The latest offering from Moses Belanger and Thaïs Sala, "Evasion EP," is a dynamic and evocative collection of electronic tracks that seamlessly blend elements of bass-heavy beats, dreamy synths, and mystical strings. With influences ranging from the smooth grooves of Channel Tres to the soulful melodies of Kerri Chandler and the atmospheric soundscapes of Nicolas Jaar, "Evasion EP" is a sonic journey that takes listeners on a journey through a world of escapism and refuge.

Each track on the EP is a unique representation of its own form of escapism, from the gambling games of "Dice & Aces" to the Matrix-inspired double dimensions of "La Salacia" and the sea folklore of "The Genie." The instrumentals evoke the carefree sense of cruising down a coastline, decadent sunsets, and the timeless allure of discovering new places and faces.

The EP was born out of the shared need for escapism during the global confinement of the past year. The two artists, who had never met before, connected over the internet and began collaborating on the project, with Thaïs providing the soulful vocals and Moses weaving them into his rousing synths and hypnotic beats.

"Evasion EP" is a testament to the power of music as a form of self-medication and a shining example of the creative synergy that can be achieved when two artists are on the same wavelength. Soaring vocals and mesmerizing instrumentals come together to create an immersive and transportive listening experience that will leave listeners feeling uplifted and rejuvenated.

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