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Nabil Hayat prepares "Force Mono"

Nabil Hayat is the latest artist to grace the FORM1 imprint, bringing with him his four-track release titled 'Force Mono'. This record showcases the diversity of Hayat's production abilities and combines a range of cinematic, futuristic Detroit, bass-heavy hypnotic, and percussive styles.

The EP opens with 'Trikala', a track that takes the listener on a journey through sweeping pads, soft cymbals, and wide alien-like basses that create an otherworldly atmosphere. 'Night' takes on a more classic approach, infusing a futuristic Detroit sound with its programmed 909 grooves, metallic hi-hats, and bass stabs, leading to a smooth breakdown before seamlessly building back up for the final time.

'Friction' takes a four to the floor, bass-heavy approach and presents a hypnotic soundscape that is sure to take the listener into a deep trance. The layered textures and resonated delayed stabs provide a locked rhythm that is perfect for peak-time dance floors. The EP is rounded off with the title track 'Force Mono', which is a syncopated percussive journey that showcases Hayat's ability to create intricate soundscapes. The elements come and go, keeping the listener entertained and creating a dynamic atmosphere.

Overall, Nabil Hayat's 'Force Mono' on FORM1 is a well-rounded and thoughtfully produced release. The fusion of different styles creates a diverse and dynamic experience that is sure to keep the listener engaged. This EP is a must-listen for fans of cinematic, futuristic Detroit, bass-heavy hypnotic, and percussive electronic music.

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