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Nature Meets Synth: Bratři's Neon Single Sets Stage for Innovative Concert Experience with Ayra Plant

Bratři have opened another chapter of electronic music. The single Neon is presented by the twins Jiří and Ondřej Veselý together with a completely new concert program, which includes a playing plant and an innovative audio-visual show. The plant was named Ayra, and thanks to the sensors attached to the leaves, it will participate live in the concert, which Bratři conceived as an escape from the industrial grip on nature and the naturalness in each of us. The premiere of the program will be on April 6, 2024 at the Sencity festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The track Neon has a much softer sound than the previous singles Lobster or Lost Juno and is inspired by German producers Aparde and Christian Loffler. Jiří Veselý reveals what is interesting about the new single: "Neon is the most melodic track from the forthcoming album, and at the same time the oldest track. In Neon, we work with light vocals and we tried to complement it with a catchy synth riff and together with pulsating drums in such a way that it will awaken a certain euphoria when listening." Neon once again proves the brotherly wide genre dispersion in the field of electronic music and announces a new album that will be released in September.

An absolutely fresh new band member that will now be seen on stage is a plant called Ayra, which will actively participate in the new show. “One of the most interesting innovations is Ayra, a plant that is connected through cables to a modular synthesizer. All living things have a certain energy within them, and this energy is converted into electrical impulses that Ayra triggers to control the sounds. This combination of natural elements and electronic music creates a unique experience," Jiří Veselý introduces the biggest news from the new programme.

Bratři started working on this program already in the spring of 2023. They joined the European project Revelland alongside other European bands and, together with a team of international consultants, developed a show that aims to make electronic music accessible to people with visual, hearing or mental disabilities in an immersive way. "Compared to our previous concerts, this program has undergone a number of changes and innovations," says Ondřej Veselý. “In addition to Ayra, we also have great new visuals. The live projections are now much more connected to our music and tell a simple story that we named "Escape the Noisy World to Nature". Another new feature are cameras that capture our every move, so the audience can observe exactly what is happening on stage and how we interact with each other during the performance. All of this is blended in real time with the visuals used to complete our visual identity."

This concert program of Bratři is a complex multi-sensory experience in which music, light and image connect with nature to create an unforgettable evening for every concert-goer.


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