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Nelly Furtado's song remixed by Saske

Actualizado: 5 ago 2023

Saske brings '90s organ house with wonderful acid house flavors to this Nelly Furtado hit classic. A modern version of the classic house style, with a development of the melodies that grow as it progresses, creating great tension throughout the track.

With thumping bass lines, snappy percussion and instantly recognizable iconic vocals, this song is a surefire hit, whether at an outdoor festival or the early hours of the club.

We are facing a material that is neither new nor is it going to reactivate the popularity of its mental and physical invoice sound, but its merit is -and that is not little- in updating ideas that had been dormant for some time, or poorly disseminated, to which suddenly they have been given a new jolt to wake up again. The album is an ideal way to reconcile with this pure house sound that true fans always know how to appreciate and applaud.


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