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New single HAIR EVERYWHERE out on October 27th

Having imported her steamy brand of DIY pop direct from Italy to the shores of the Thames, Kuntessa is releasing her new single ‘Hair Everywhere’.

‘Hair Everywhere’ captures the energy which has drawn a cult-like following, comprised of East London’s many weird and wonderful outsiders; her performances turning heads in queer basement parties and post-punk/indie venues alike.

The track explores the struggles of being a hairy girl, Kuntessa explaining “I’ve had a real love/hate relationship with my body hair over the years. I hated it during puberty - people just make you feel bad about having it. These days I embrace it fully, and the true inspiration for the song came from an acid trip - the hairs seemed alive and made me feel like a verified member of the animal kingdom!”

Kuntessa’s music struts along the lines separating punk, R&B and bubblegum pop; her performances known just as much for their erotic themes and unforgettable melodies as for her camp, tongue-in-cheek humour.

This song, though, plants itself more in the world of ESG, Kuntessa stating: “ As soon as I had the idea for the song I wanted to channel some ESG vibes with a strong, swag bassline and that wicked vocal style. I brought it to my partner Bart and he loved it. He produced the track for me and helped me work out the parts. We mixed it up a bit with the bongos, synths and jangly guitars… Almost leaning more towards Talking Heads!”.

Catch KUNTESSA live

13/10 Bologna (it) - Cassero LGBT+ center

14/10 Roma (it) - Safffo Party

01/11 LONDON (uk) - MOTH CLUB


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