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The fourth NFT Music from 12+1 London sister label Solina made by the Helsinki based electronic music producer and DJ Valeria Croft on the audio side and Z.ART on the animation artwork side. A tune called 'Native Voices' -PREVIEW-. Her sound is a blend of house, funky rhythms and techno, full of Groove, always trippy and textures. The Auction will be this Wednesday 17th January from 7pm (CET). The possibility of bid up the unique NFT music will be available only for 24 hours via Pianity.

In the past, SOLNFT Series including single track and animations NFT's, has been signed by Oxy (Romania), Laumee (Lithuania), Sfetan (Romania) and the label head UNAI, among others. After the auction, Valeria's master piece will be available on the best streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

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