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NEWS: Aera Inaugurates Innervisions’ New Mix Format with Versions

Versions – the remarkable first instalment in a brand new mix concept from Berlin-based imprint Innervisions – is released today, September 16, courtesy of German DJ and producer Aera.

Embarking on a captivating excursion of left-field electronica, trip-hop and down-tempo sound palettes, Versions sees the Applied Magic label head revisit and reimagine some of the most notable records from his extensive back catalogue, as he delivers an impressive opus of edits that explores the more experimental side of his diverse sonic repertoire.

Giving us a different insight into his acutely honed craft as a multi-faceted producer, the in-demand German pulls reference from a plethora of realms beyond what many perceive to be his immediate musical home. Returning to Innervisions following an emphatic contribution to Secret Weapons Part 14 with Acido back in June, Versions shines a light on Aera’s innate passion for the cross-pollination of genres, as he marks the beginning of a new mix series format on Dixon & Âme’s esteemed Berlin-based imprint.

Speaking about the album, Aera commented:

“For a long time, I wanted to revisit some of my older tracks and put them into a completely new context, outside of the world of dancefloor bangers and the hunt for the next big track ID. Now don't get me wrong - I love this world, but I always knew there could be something more than this. With this record, I wanted to reference the heroes of my youth: Ninja Tune's golden era, DJ Shadow's Endtroducing, Massive Attack, K&D Sessions, and so on.”

Aera – Versions is out now via Innervisions.

About Aera

Aera is a magical musical force. Born and raised in Northern Germany, but currently dividing his time between Berlin and Malaga, Aera (real name Ralf Schmidt) is an in-demand DJ, Producer, and label owner. With nearly two decades of experience as a DJ, Aera is constantly on the hunt for unknown gems, giving the listener a chance to experience diverse and highly emotional music they will probably not be able to hear from anyone else. As a producer, he has created his own brand of highly recognizable tracks, sitting comfortably very left of center in the current melodic techno explosion. A non-conformist at heart, through years of hard work he was able to create his own niche and lead the way for other up-and-coming producers, many of who quote him as an important influence.

He sees his label Applied Magic as a platform to support new artists, often giving them their first releases. For him, this is a way to give back to the community and release exciting music from people who need to be heard. Besides this, his music is closely tied to Dixon and Âme's Innervisions label, where he has been a staple for years already. And when fans ask for a track ID in the relevant forums, more often than not, Aera's name comes up - and even more often, these are the standout tracks.

Just recently, Aera released Acido on Innervisions, a track that made big waves and helped to propel him to the next level of his career. With a consistent touring schedule and more releases for Afterlife and the Fabric London label on the horizon, the future looks bright for Aera.


00. Versions (Continuous Mix) 01. Metaphors Of A Nomad (Version) 02. Odessa Step Sequence (Version) 03. Jack Leather (Version) 04. Prana (Version) 05. Brackets (Version) 06. Krystal Close (Version) 07. Black Glitz (Version) 08. Freak Wave (Version)

Artist: Aera

Title: Versions

Label: Innervisions

Release Date: September 16

Format: Digital



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