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"Wonder" the 3rd single from Boogie Belgique's forthcoming album "Machine", is a joyful yet nostalgic nod to their roots. In line with fan favorites like Goodnight Moon and Forever & Ever, this modern melancholic Crooner, inspired by the 1909 Harold Orlob hit I Wonder Who’s Kissing You Now, mixes modern punchy beats with the best of the swing and big band era. Wonder is out now across all streaming platforms. The track's lyrical content and emotional throughline are steeped with longing, both in a desire for bygone eras, and its depiction of a person wondering about where life has taken their former lover. Even the track's call and response between the line I wonder who's kissing you now and the horn/string sections that answer suggests a conversation between two long-separated parties. With chopped horn lines, a walking bassline, and pumping four on the floor drum groove, the listener instantly steps out of a time machine into the familiar universe of this Boogie Belgique classic in the making.

Boogie Belgique is the Belgian band founded in 2012 by Oswald Cromheecke. As the project grew steadily through word of mouth, Cromheecke was eventually joined by Emily Van Overstraeten, Cedric Van Overstraeten, Aiko Devriendt, Ambroos De Schepper and Martijn Van Den Broek. This collaborative approach to production gave birth to a new sound that stayed true to the nostalgic flair of the band’s beginning. Boogie Belgique’s sound is a blend of electronic music and jazz, with hints of Bonobo, Wax Tailor, and Quantic. Varying anywhere between relaxing, intimate moods and energizing, danceable grooves, Boogie Belgique’s music is characterized by melancholia, vintage samples and a live big band feel.


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