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NEWS: Chicago Bee ‘Home Listening - Acid & House’ VA

Acclaimed UK acid house label Chicago Bee release the innovative ‘Home Listening - Acid & House’ VA compilation on 18 November.

The album presents a unique angle of interpretations of “listen at home” acid house tracks from such acclaimed producers as Derek Carr, Fear-E, Type 303, Postelektrik, label boss A-Eno-Acid, amongst others.

The vision for the ‘Home Listening' compilation album was to create a collection of tracks that complement each other and are fitting for repeated home listening.

Being somewhat of a conceptual experiment, all the artists on the album were asked to imagine fusing Acid and House with the ‘Virtualsex’ LP which was released on Buzz in 1993. A 303 sound would be welcomed but not essential with an emphasis on soulful emotion and melody.

Some of the featured artists are people who label boss Mark Churcher (aka A-Eno-Acid) has struck up a relationship with since starting Chicago Bee and some targeted deliberately as Mark thought they would be able to hit the brief. The project threw up some interesting results with some artists drifting outside of their normal comfort zone!

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