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NEWS: Craig Armstrong receives 'As If To Nothing' His First 20th Anniversary Vinyl Release at Hydrog

Twenty years after its original release, Craig Armstrong's 'As If To Nothing', his electronic/orchestral masterpiece featuring music heavyweights like Bono, Mogwai, Evan Dando, King Crimson and others, is reissued for the first time once on vinyl in a super-limited deluxe edition via Hydrogen Dukebox.

Remastered at Abbey Road Studios and cut at half speed to produce superior sound quality, the release comes completely redesigned with reimagined artwork by award-winning designer Christopher Thomson and there's also a special 'Dinked Archive Edition' version limited to only 500 copies worldwide. including a bonus 10" of a newly discovered track from the original recording sessions.

'As If To Nothing', Armstrong's second solo album after 1998's 'The Space Between Us', is a timeless and groundbreaking record that combines stunning string arrangements, atmospheric electronics and contemporary popular music.

Originally released on renowned UK electronic outfit Massive Attack's Melankolic label, the record captures an enduring mood and sentiment that continues to enchant listeners today, from the poignant opening track 'Ruthless Gravity' to the euphoric closing track. 'Choral Ending'. Armstrong's collaborative work with Massive Attack on the 1994 album 'Protection' is an influence that can be heard throughout 'As If To Nothing':

"It was a very particular moment musically within Britain and the world," he says. “Being part of the Melankolic label and working with Massive Attack was a unique moment in time. They gave me real freedom to do what I wanted. I think the album was ahead of its time, it still sounds pure and contemporary."

“Many younger acts have contacted me over the years to tell me how pivotal the album has been to them. One of the best things is that people have never stopped listening to the album. To have it reissued and released on this first vinyl pack is something very special to me."

The album features a cast of luminaries including Bono on 'Stay (Farway, So Close!'), Mogwai on 'Miracle' and Lemonheads' Evan Dando on 'Wake Up In New York', as well as producer Photek, al soul singer David McAlmont, Alpha vocalist Wendy Stubbs and Antye Greie-Fuchs, and a sample of King Crimson's 'Starless' on 'Starless II'. Praise for the album at the time of its release included Pitchfork ("Powerfully evocative and serene") and Rolling Stone ("[Armstrong] makes Bono sound like a fallen angel on a stately new version of "Stay (Faraway, So Close")). !)". .

Through his orchestral writing, electronic compositions, and extensive artistic collaborations in classical and film music, Craig Armstrong's work has received worldwide recognition. Armstrong is widely known for composing award-winning film music, having scored independent and Hollywood films, from Peter Mullan's directorial debut 'The Close Trilogy' to BAFTA, Ivor Novello and Golden Globe-winning scores. for 'Romeo and Juliet' by Baz Luhrmann. , 'Moulin Rouge!' and 'The Great Gatsby'.

His film music has also appeared in many other popular movies, such as 'The Quiet American', 'Orphans', 'Love Actually', 'World Trade Center', 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age', 'Far From The Madding Crowd' and 'Ray!', the latter awarded a Grammy for Best Original Score. And several collaborations with Oliver Stone, 'World Trade Center' and 'Snowden'.

The 'As If To Nothing' reissue is a fitting celebration of the 20th anniversary of this exemplary album, and a chance to own this key record of Armstrong's celebrated work on vinyl for the first time.

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