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NEWS: David Morales and Pig&Dan Return to Bedrock for ‘Make You Go Higher’ Remix EP

Following the release of his excellent ‘Stereo Mix’ earlier in the summer, globally revered American DJ and Grammy award-winning record producer and songwriter, David Morales, returns to Bedrock with a stunning ‘Red Zone Mix’ of Pig&Dan’s Make You Go Higher – one of the stand out tracks from their notable Destination Unknown II album, which was released on Bedrock earlier this year.

Accompanying Morales’ Red Zone Remix to complete the two-part package comes a beautiful Drum & Bass interpretation from Pig&Dan themselves. Following the release of their huge twentieth anniversary album Pig&Dan: 20 Years on October 7, the in-form duo now return to Bedrock, as they go back to their roots with this beautiful version of Make You Go Higher, full of cinematic melodies over scattered beats and groovy basslines.

Pig&Dan – Make You Go Higher (David Morales Red Zone Mix and Pig&Dan Drum n Bass Remix) is out now via Bedrock Records.


1. Pig&Dan – Make You Go Higher (David Morales Red Zone Mix)

2. Pig&Dan – Make You Go Higher (Pig&Dan Drum n Bass Remix)

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