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NEWS: Ede presents Rave Code EP (Incl. Auggië Remix)

Ede is a hypnotist. No for real - this is not just a cool figure of speech to make you interested in this record. He actually learned the art and science of hypnotizing people, connecting you with the deepest parts of your subconscious to make desirable changes in your life.

First, we have Buzzing, which does just what it says: buzzing like a bee trapped in a honey jar. Full of restraint, always teasing, but ready to explode at any minute.

Next comes Rave Code, which again does just what it says: giving you the code to the rave. One of the ballsiest beats we heard in forever, mixed with extra-hard hands in the air rave signals.

Auggie's remix takes Rave Code up a notch. Expertly twisted and mangled, with a lot of room to breathe and an absolutely insane break, this one is for the peak-time floors. Aera's reduction of the remix basically just trims the fat and makes things a little bit easier to digest.


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