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NEWS: Gravity and Quantum Mechanics 3

To celebrate its first 15years, 51Beats skyrockets the new episode of "Gravity and Quantum Mechanics", the label's collection of emotions and dreams. This third chapter is fully curated by the label’s manager Robidat, who surfed the recent catalogue to shape a journey moving from the deepest melancholy tunes to the most happiness-driven dance tracks, passing through colourful IDM and even pop and hip-hop songs.

The exclusive cover art is from the young talented artist Ippototano.

Out in digital at all major stores and exclusive limited-edition CD at 51Beats' shop, to make it a real journey...

"15Years of 51Beats will be celebrated with a party in Milan Sunday 26 March, with Dj Barefoot (live), Better call Savnko (live) and djsets. Tickets available HERE.


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