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Nashville-based Australian-born singer/songwriter Tamara Stewart is one of Music City’s most revered creatives, having established herself in the city since relocating in 2014. However, she has flown somewhat under the radar in the UK until now, and all that is sure to change as a new potentially career re-defining chapter commences for the esteemed performer.

As a songwriter, Tamara has penned several #1 radio hits for numerous artists in her native country. She has scored outstanding successes of her own too, including five acclaimed albums and countless Australian Awards. Her single Haunted House pulled from her self-proclaimed ‘divorce recovery’ album “The Truth, The Music and Me” - released in 2019 - has further put her on the map and allowed her to make inroads into the British market.

In March, the hitmaker will tour Britain with the UK’s very own Elles Bailey which will reunite Tamara with her growing number of UK Americana music fans, and give her the opportunity to again, showcase her warm yet powerful vocal, and uniquely raw songwriting style to an ever growing fanbase.

Following her highly successful podcast series in 2019 to pair with her album “The Truth, The Music and Me”, Tamara returns with a new podcast later this month “Heal My Story” where she will explore the world of healing and creativity, diving deeper into the relationship our creative parts play in our healing journey. This podcast will partner with the release of Tamara's first single from her long awaited new album set for release mid 2023. The first single “Mean Girl” will launch on February 3rd.

Her long standing success to date lists Major award wins, TV and Radio chart success and touring Festivals and Various Venues across many countries and many years. 2023 launches a time for Tamara to truly stand in her own creative and personal truth and lead us to a refined version of who she is as a performer, a writer and an extremely relatable Woman in this day and age, who has experienced a life of both healing and damage, trauma and triumphs.

Her own storytelling vulnerability through both voice and story, results in Tamara singing about the things women everywhere can agree are sometimes hard to speak about. There’s no denying Stewart’s success and talent thus far, and this New Year she will no doubt become one of UK's most revered women in music. Tamara will also tour her adopted homeland of the USA, and later in the year bring her show to her beloved Motherland Australia. This upcoming run of tour dates, the new single, and podcast series will put the spotlight on her incredible artistry and British fans are going to deepen their connection to her music.

It’s not only her warm yet powerful vocal, nor is it simply her unique raw songwriting and storytelling abilities, it is Tamara herself. Between songs she’s funny, endearing, honest and truly is a rare and precious talent. You'll laugh, you’ll possibly shed a tear, But you’ll hear her truth and you’ll be entertained” [Exeter Daily].


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