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NEWS: James Morreel Joins the 6th Episode of HBW Guest Room with His New Dj Set!

In the sixth episode of "HBW Guest Room" he will take us on a unique journey, an artist of remarkable qualities, he will bring us into his world with his brand new and incredible DJ set, where we can find a lot of technique and experimentation, lots of melodies from the lightest to the deepest, he is James Morreel!

James, co-founder of the record label Three Records and scout manager of the Beach Radio station, an artist with versatility and charisma to sell when it comes to electronic music, his journey began with the Techno genre and then expanded his wide range by exiting from the comfort zone with other genres, from the Deep House to the Progressive / Melodic House and so on, the dedication and love for electronic music has always been present in James's path and you can hear it in every track that he composes.

In detail, the set plays divinely, by combining and playing with the various sounds and instruments we can truly feel the artistic and experimental vein of James, who blends everything perfectly giving space to every sound and melody present in the track, the beat accompanied with a suffocated effect an almost lo-fi mood will give us a unique sense of rhythm and relaxation and for then to open up completely and give us a nice boost with the rhythm, aesthetic background sounds giving the feeling of a marine tones, like this music should be, as deep as the ocean, synthesizers in the foreground with sweet melodies but at the same time bittersweet, much appreciated the effect of a distant piano and the sung voice mixed with the human one with the robotic one, but this is just a taste of what we can find in this set, the journey of this path of melodies and sounds it must be discovered step by step and you will surely be amazed at what you can find along the way.

James Morreel's exclusive set will be launched on HBmusic WavesNEW ORGANIC WORLD” radio show next weekend and will be available on the Soundcloud and YouTube platforms starting from next week and of course we invite you to listen to it!

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Contacts James Morreel Contact/Booking Co-Founder >>> @threerecordsuk CA. Manager/Scout >>> DJ @


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