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NEWS: Johannes Klingebiel ‘For Now’

Acclaimed Producer, DJ & multi-instrumentalist Johannes Klingebiel showcases his experimental solo side with the personal and poignant single ‘For Now’ released on Amsterdam’s Bloomer Records on 22 April. ’For Now’ will also be the opening track of Johannes Klingebiel’s forthcoming album of the same title, released this summer.

‘For Now’ offers a stunning taster for Johannes Klingebiel’s album, marking a departure from the club-orientated sounds he has become known for. As a classically trained jazz drummer who also plays in C.A.R., the single ‘For Now’ is a delicious fusion of ambient, electronica, jazz, and krautrock. The fragile, discordant beats, gentle chimes, and freestyle drumming intertwine beautifully to awaken the senses.

On ‘For Now’ and its sound, Johannes Klingebiel said: “I called the track "For Now" because to me, the tune feels barely stable and always in danger of falling apart, but somehow keeps on going, which you can probably say in broader terms about the times we're living in. In a very personal way it conveys also a shift in my solo work, where I'm saying to myself: "This is the direction I want to go now!””.

‘For Now’ will be the opening and title track of Johannes Klingebiel’s forthcoming solo album, released on Bloomer Records this summer. Johannes has described the album’s central theme is the state of transition and provisional spaces.

Berlin-based Johannes Klingebiel has previously released on leading labels including Beats In Space, Mule Musiq, Mireia, Feines Tier or his own imprint Ancient Future Now, as well as touring the globe as a drummer in bands like his hard-to-define kraut-jazz-something band C.A.R.. His supporters include Gilles Peterson, James Holden, Gerd Janson, Tim Sweeney, Joe Goddard, Ame, Benjamin Froehlich, Barnt, Massimiliano Pagliara, Inigo Vontier, and Jimi Jules.

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