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NEWS: Live trio N/UM drop new single An Order From The Top

'An Order From The Top' is the new single from the upcoming LP and fifth release by the electronic live collective N/UM, 'Levers of History'. The 13-minute track draws you in with a hypnotic beat, booming percussion, and a laid-back bassline that slowly builds in intensity as you delve into its world. Once you're engulfed in the warm synths and meditative rhythms, an otherworldly scream calls you to the vocals rising eerily above the deep, dark groove. As the track, recorded in a single improvised take by the live New York trio, steadily unfolds, opening like a flower, unfurling acid basslines and cascading guitar chords before landing back where it took off with the distinctive dark and melodic tone. Groove that stays with us long after the track has ended.



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