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NEWS: Phairo unleashes full extended EP ‘9’, including focus track ‘Breathe’

Sought-after producer Phairo emerges fully as solo dance music artist with his eagerly awaited 9-track ‘mixtape’ EP ‘9’, after years working with names like Bruno Major (producing his hit ‘Easily’, with 310 million Spotify streams), SG Lewis, ELIZA and Sam Wills.

Three tasters for ‘9’ have whetted appetites with ‘clubby thumper’ ‘Drum Workout!’, industrial yet melodic ‘Galacticon’, and mythic ‘Dwemer Sphere’ now joined by six more slices of genre-bending goodness resulting from Phairo’s lockdown musical epiphany. ‘Club and dance music first got me into producing at about 16, so it felt amazing to re-enter that realm and find a new love and excitement for making beats!’ Phairo says. ‘I wanted to make music on my own, with the main focus on musical and production ideas.’

Focus track ‘Breathe’ gets dancers’ lungs working with rattling percussion and thumping bass, overlaid with more ambient strands – enigmatic whispered vocal riff, slow rhythmic beats with a downward cadence like exhalations. A deliberate duality:

‘I had the vocal sample ‘Breathe’ and added soaring floaty chords to its ethereal vibe. Then a slightly hectic beat from old and new drum machine samples, bouncy bass from a Moog DFAM sample and atmospheric sounds from the Arturia Microfreak.’

The artwork for the project by Osian Jenaer expresses Phairo’s fascination with the number 9 and his love for sci-fi, natural and otherworldly scenes.

Phairo ‘9’ is out now on LG105, get it here:

Full ‘9’ EP Track List:

  1. Skyward

  2. Galacticon

  3. Yaled

  4. Drum Workout!

  5. Talk To Me

  6. Excavation 9

  7. Dwemer Sphere

  8. Breathe

  9. 9

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Focus track 'Breathe':

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