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NEWS: Redge releases his "Narcotic EP"

Actualizado: 7 feb 2023

Redge's latest EP, "Narcotic," is a masterclass in the art of tension and release. The artist's sound exists somewhere in the space between peak-time techno and deep minimal techno, and on this release, he leans closer to the former. From the opening moments of the title track, it's clear that Redge is not content to simply let the beats do the heavy lifting. Instead, he employs dark atmospheres and growing arpeggios that slowly build in intensity before unleashing a barrage of huge lead elements. The result is a track that's equal parts brooding and explosive, and it sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

The second track, "Are You Telling Me," continues in a similar vein, but with a slightly more hypnotic and mesmerizing feel. The EP is rounded out by four exclusive bonus tracks direct from the artist, while not quite as strong as the first two, still showcase Redge's talents as a producer.

Overall, "Narcotic" is a strong release that should appeal to fans of peak-time techno looking for something a little different. The EP releases this January 16th on Music4Group and it's a showcase of Redge's talents as a producer and a perfect example of how he can bridge the gap between peak-time techno and deep minimal techno. It's a record that's well worth checking out.

Alongside his EP Redge also preparing a free download Somewhere,Sometime. Listen Below.

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