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NEWS: Rose Ringed returns with the joyous, high energy 3-tracker ‘In Search for Truth’

Rose Ringed returns with an anthemic EP on his imprint Closed Eyes Recordings. The Amsterdam DJ/producer creates upbeat, fast, compulsively danceable tracks, which yet explore huge questions of belief, truth, and personal faith. The three tracks of ‘In Search for Truth’ had their genesis in chord progressions, and travel from those to huge synth lead sounds and high energy rhythms. No wonder his music industry support and his streaming figures are equally stratospheric.

God’s Power launches into speedy staccato synths and hi-hats like a divine Morse code for euphoric dance, until the pure, male-strong choir creates a gothic breakdown, with Carl Jung pronouncing on faith – ‘I don’t need to believe; I know’. Choir and cathedral-powered organ join the dance to the end of a thrilling ride. ‘We don’t know what the truth is but we know there is truth out there.’

In Your Eyes is ‘about the endlessly beautiful role our eyes have in forming some sort of truth in our brains, creating our beliefs.’ It’s also about a no-holds-barred 132bpm beat, trancey woozy synths, and a sweeter, higher choir creating a joyous melange, now full-on rave, now thoughtful as Rose Ringed uses the breakdowns with signature skill.

Giving has an even faster feel, building both euphoria and tension as the frantic synth tries to break through all limits, jittering through the breakdown behind a melody (musos, take note) in the Phrygian aka ‘Spanish’ scale before letting rip to the end, evoking ‘an emotion of something hopeful and beautiful yet dark and unresolved. In a personal situation, I experienced the joy of giving, it’s beautiful how it makes you happier than the self-centredness the world focuses on.’

Rose Ringed ‘In Search for Truth’ is out now, get it HERE. Catch him at Pleinvrees Festival on June 4th and De Zon Festival on June 5th.

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