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NEWS: Rose Ringed strikes new notes with ‘For Us’ EP

Amsterdam DJ/multi-instrumentalist Rose Ringed returns with three tracker ‘For Us’ EP.

The Dutch producer enlists both analogue and digital sounds, multiple synths and choral vocal notes, and diverse genres – melodic techno, house, euphoria, synthpop – in his quest to bring joy to blissed-out clubbers and listeners. Recent releases have explored major questions of spirituality and truth. ‘For Us’ tells a more romantic love story, still high energy and uplifting, but with a darker edge.

‘I gravitate between an external perspective of concepts that fascinate me, and an internal perspective mostly about deep inner emotions,’ says Rose Ringed. Here, he plays creatively with breakdowns too: long solo, or a sudden silence, or a breakdown building into another…

Won’t Let You Go features a strong, fast, staccato synth melody constantly hooking the listener yet varying, over a deep, deep humming bass, with a sort of double breakdown. Simultaneously danceable and listenable. ‘When I first played this, at De Zon festival, I was so amazed by the reaction. The breakdown features field recordings I made on the beach in Kenya with my dad.’

Fight For Love; dreamy synth chords behind fast, bounding bass and drums, build to the sustained breakdown with its choral notes and chiming arps like falling snow, the breathy, resonant melody entrances as the organ adds gravitas auguring the drop, before all elements unite in a high energy finale. ‘The most personal track I’ve ever put out,’ says Ringed. ‘This and ‘WLYG’ reflect times I had to fight for very significant loved ones.’

Nights Without; powerfully fast but darker, more urgent sound patterns, growling bassline, a plangent melody, and after the breakdown, bags of bass, jittery percussion, a sudden breathing space of silence, before the wild ride to the finish. ‘I wanted this track to be “cold” in the beat and very “warm” on the breaks. Like the beat parts are the nights without “her” and the breaks are “with her”.’

Rose Ringed ‘For Us’ is out now on Closed Eyes Recordings, save it here:

  1. Won’t Let You Go

  2. Fight For Love

  3. Nights Without

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