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NEWS: Tomorrowland Mainstage Artist Pretty Pink announces debut album

Pretty Pink has written the perfect soundtrack with this single for a generation that can unleash its energy to look beyond the horizon. With her single "Alife" she presents a warm melodic deep track with French touch synths and also announces with this first extract her debut album announced for 2023. Having thrilled crowds in almost every country in Europe with her unique sets, she has also grown into a sure shot in the US and Canada, regularly playing festivals and clubs from Miami to San Francisco and New York to Las Vegas.This year she performed on the mainstage of the Tomorrowland Festival and thrilled thousands of fans.

There's no question about it - Pretty Pink is more energetic than ever: upcoming releases waiting in the wings, studio sessions, an ongoing radio show, two record labels and a packed touring calendar. Pretty Pink combines a tasteful sound with a dash of craziness that inspires audiences to new heights. SooOne can be more than excited about her debut album in 2023.

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