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NEWS: Vincent Littlehat Challenges Digitalization on New Vocal Single and Music Video ‘Who Are You’

The Second Single To Be Taken From Her Upcoming Debut EP ‘Another Land Below’ Due in 2023

Following the critically acclaimed release of her stunning vocal single The Head of Knights back in October, Polish musician, performer, writer and model Vincent Littlehat now returns to the fore with the announcement of her eagerly anticipated follow up single Who Are You.

Created together with composer / producer Robot Koch and released via Vincent’s eponymous imprint Littlehat Recordings, the record marks the second official single to be taken from her upcoming debut EP Another Land Below, which looks set to see its official release in early 2023.

Speaking about the concept behind new single, Vincent commented:

“‘Who Are You’ is a commentary on how digitalization is grabbing our attention and gradually absorbing our real lives. Costly side effects are often hiding positive benefits. This begs questioning. How does one balance this transition, exist in a duality, instead of trading a big amount of one’s In Real Life experiences for simulacra? To what extent is trading physical alienation for limitless online connectivity worth it?”

The music video for Who Are You, which was created alongside 3D animator Emil Karaś and Art Director Mehran Djojan, explores the notion of dreams being realized in real life (IRL) and finding fresh perspectives on circumstances. Karaś worked for many months to accurately craft and incorporate an authentic dance performance, which he accomplished after most of the film footage was lost due to an accident on set. The misfortune of losing the video material inspired a reflection on trading IRL experiences for these in the digital space after re-creating the lost footage. The artwork instantly gained a more exciting look, but the complexity of the real and organic movement of the dancers stays only in the memory of these who seen the performance on the set.

A third reality testing tool made into an audio-visual journey, the music video see Vincent reflect on the dramatic conflict between hero and villain, watching their fight turn into a choreographed dance within a universe into which she has invited them. The choreography – conceived by Sebastian Abarbanell – is performed by two dancers: Louis Seriot and Lukas Ziegele.

All three main characters in the video transmute between their IRL form and animated interpretation. They lose and recover their identity, transferring their focus between real and fantasy. Each realm has positive potentials and unique risks unless they are integrated with care.

On the music video, Vincent expands:

“Animating the blending of reality and fantasy symbolically represents different states of mind we imagine. Seeing one’s actions from this new perspective tempers the intensity of identifying with one’s role with that of their adversary in this spectacular interplay. One can adopt an immersed point of view, which has a creative function. While moving to an observation point, one is taking a reflective, inactive stand, collecting information hidden in blind spots. The first verse questions our identities, the roles in which we fit, because we are intelligent and highly adaptive beings. Perhaps we shed obsolete identities as we become wiser or find courage to adopt a new environment and shape it for us. Alternatively, we can slot into an actualized environment, which would benefit from our support and creative strength.

Often likened to artists including CocoRosie, Soko and Lily Allen, Vincent Littlehat first began her musical exploration in London, UK, collaborating with Tatsujiro ‘Pop’ Oto (The Pop Group, The Prodigy), cellists Chloe Treacher (The Irrepressibles) and Martin Radford (Patrick Wolf) on the single Moondust and Golden Locks. Now living in Berlin, she has also recently collaborated with producer Enda Gallery on her latest single Ask Yourself Why and Berlin-based producer Chris Zippel (Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams).

Currently, Vincent is working with Robot Koch, Kris Steininger (Parcels, Melody Gardot, Jules Buckley) and Zino Mikorey (Parcels, Nils Frahm, Ry X, Mouse on Mars) on a series of new songs, which will be drip released over the next six months. From their shared apartment, Vincent has also maintained a consistent creative collaboration with roommate and photographer and video director, Mehran Djojan.

Vincent Littlehat – Who Are You is out now via Littlehat Recordings.

About Vincent Littlehat

Vincent Littlehat is an eclectic creative; a musician, performer, writer and model. She was born in Poland and is currently living in Berlin, but has travelled and worked previously in London and Naples. Having studied the subject in university, Vincent’s interest in psychology has played a role in shaping her creative explorations. With thought-provoking lyrics, Vincent invites listeners to embark on a journey outside of themselves, to shift their perspective and return with a new sense of themselves. She enjoys collaborating with diverse artists and experimenting with different styles of music, with every new release evoking new feelings. Accompanied by fantastical graphics, every experience is vividly immersive.

Vincent Littlehat:


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