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NOHC and JONN join forces for dynamic single "Don't Let Me Go"

This collaboration between Canadian producer JONN and electronic power-duo NOHC showcases their shared genius in creating a track that's both hypnotic and endlessly replayable. Known for their enthralling live performances, both JONN and NOHC continue to captivate audiences and have them eagerly awaiting future endeavors.

Track Description:

Dive into 'Don't Let Me Go', a sonic journey characterized by the ethereal vocals of NOHC's Suzanne Real. As the narrative unravels a tale of choices and lingering regrets, the track deftly juxtaposes its somber storytelling with a buoyant backdrop. Seamlessly woven verses, underpinned by soothing melodies, lead into dynamic drops that set the stage for a chorus that's irresistibly sing-along-worthy. Beyond the words, the track’s pulsating rhythm captivates, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its exhilarating energy.

About NOHC:

NOHC is an EDM duo composed of vocalist Suzanne Real and producer Chris V. Through their collaborations and original productions, they have shown their wide range of influences while performing on stages all across America while racking up millions of streams.The group closed out 2021 by earning a spot on the A State Of Trance Year Mix 2021 for their single, "This Way" with MaRLo, MatricK and Sendr as well as the number 15 spot on Monstercat's Best of the Year list for the single "Awaken" with Au5.

About JONN:

JONN is a talented DJ and music producer known for his unique blend of electronic, house, and dance music. Born and raised in Canada, JONN began his music career at a young age, inspired by the diverse sounds of the EDM music scene.

With years of dedication and hard work, JONN has emerged as a rising star in the electronic music industry, gaining popularity for his dynamic and energetic live performances, as well as his cutting-edge productions. He has performed at numerous clubs captivating audiences with his infectious beats and unparalleled stage presence.

JONN's music has been featured on various platforms, including Spotify, where he has amassed a loyal following of fans who appreciate his genre-defying sound. His tracks, which range from uplifting and emotional and intense, showcase his versatility as a producer and his ability to push the boundaries of traditional dance music.

With a passion for music that runs deep, JONN is constantly evolving and exploring new sounds, always striving to create something fresh and exciting. Whether he is in the studio or behind the decks, he remains focused on his mission to share his love of music with the world and leave a lasting impact on the electronic music scene.


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