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NoT - Dark Clouds [Leporelo]

In just 2 years, Slovak producer and DJ Tomas Novak aka. NoT has been with our label, this is already the 4th EP of his that he has delivered. After their EP 'XTC Bubbles' was released in July this year, NoT isn't done with new music this year, at all.

Almost at the end of this year, their EP 'Dark Clouds' comes out with great force. Featuring four tracks with a deep rhythm part, various synth atmospheres and strong bass lines. From more relaxed and deep songs like Inner Circle and Day By Day to more energetic Dark Clouds and the more "techy" song Dark Souls.

Of course, the label wants to thank the producer by supporting him in 2023 and hopes this is a great way to end it... and start it!


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