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Partiboi69 unveils Running Back debut EP ‘Call of the Void’

First single ‘Playin’ out 9th February - Full EP/Vinyl out 1st March

Partiboi69 strikes poses, chords and hot irons. Australia’s spiciest export since INXS’s front man is a sensation on many (meta-)levels. Musically, aesthetically and hedonistically exhilarating, he shows his sensitive side on Running Back. Four tracks answer the Call of the Void with a showcase of sounds and moods that are as much informed by the rules of old school dance music (Bodies) as they draw inspiration from classic rave closing tracks (Playin’), plangent pop (Feel This) and a former new romantics band that just discovered house music pre-internet (Call of the Void): surprisingly serious and simultaneously not-so-serious. Composed and executed with serious songwriting skills and an uncanny feel for the aural world of Running Back Records. A mutual pleasure, indeed.

Partiboi ‘Playin’ is out now on Running Back, get it here: Full ‘Call of the Void’ EP drops March 1st, save it here:

Partiboi69 on Spotify |Soundcloud | Instagram | TikTok


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