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Pedro Martins

Actualizado: 23 mar 2020

"The love for music was the main influence to get into the music industry"

Pedro Martins makes music that works in all settings and transcends genres. Residing in his studio de Amsterdam, Pedro returned to the spotlight in full force during with breakout EP "Nova Lisboa" released on su label Karakter Records. Heavily supported on radio, online and in club, helping establish Pedro Martins reputation both locally as internationally.

How did this fantastic adventure start for you?

It all started at a young age, whit me making some basic music with a Commodore Amiga and buying records to play.

How have things developed since you started?

Since then I studied Sound Engineering and Electronic Music Production in Amsterdam and kept playing as Dj and the same time making some of my own productions at very early stage back then.

How did you discover electronic music? How and when have you got interested in music? And electronic music?

I discovered electronic music at the beginning of the 90´s in Portugal. I was already busy with music as I come from a punk/rock band with some local friends. The band did not go anywhere, and about the time the band was over, I stepped into the electronic music.

What was the first idea about did you build the sound of Pedro Martins? Has that sound changed a lot over recent years? What is your music criterion?

At first, I was making music with a predefined idea of what it would be. After a long break, I reinvented my process started to make music based on the feeling of the moment and capture into recordings from which tracks would be born. I found that works better for me and there is no special criteria rather than the feeling of the moment.

What is your music criterion?

None really, its all feeling based. As long as its good and interesting.

Do you often get in the studio with clear ideas and everything well tied or leave something for improvisation and inspiration at the moment?

I like to be in the studio with a clear mind but with all freedom for the inspiration of the moment and improvisation.

We’re big admirers of the name Karakter Records where does it come from?

It comes from an idea of 4 years ago but the label started in December 2016 and its based in Amsterdam where I live.

How did you go about choosing the logo and artwork for the label?

The logo was made by a Russian designer, Rik Labe. I met him online a few years ago and fell in love with his work. Check his works in

What do you look for when signing a record for Karakter?

Above all, music with identity.

Who or what influenced you to get into the music industry? What have been the most influential factors in your career so far?

The love for music was the main influence to get into the music industry. Some of the most influential factors have been able to work with different artists, to bound and make some really good friends, to have made different types of works like sound design, post-production, band recordings and constantly be able to develop myself while I do what I love.

What is the process when it comes to identifying artists and the label's output? What are you mainly looking for and hoping to achieve with each release?

Most of the times we go to the artist, either close friends or then artists we really like and feel their work is related to what we do. Each release is different and we mainly aim to deliver music with some uniqueness and to please our fans obviously.

What can you shed some light on some of the artists you’re listening to at the moment? Any artist(s) you feel are more worthy of recognition?

I am always listening and discovering new music. Artists that I feel are more worthy are a few but I will mention, Cornelius Doctor and Manycure.

If you weren’t both involved in music what would you like to think you would be doing?

Probably cooking, I like to cook. :)

What can we expect to hear from you in 2018?

At the moment my studio is being moved to a new location. As soon as its up and running I want to finish one new EP and try to release it this year on another label.

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