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Penhas Douradas presents Clareza

Penhas Douradas is the latest project of London based musician João Chaves out on Emotional Software. Created at the tail end of the pandemic, Musica de Ambiente reflects Chaves’ need to slow down and reconnect with home and nature. Inspired by a road trip with old friends through the snow topped mountains of his native Portugal, Musica de Ambiente invites you to explore through this series of expansive soundscapes. Clareza - Opening the EP, Clareza ponders on ethereal sounds that allow you to drift slowly. Be led by the bass, as you encounter contemplative percussives and curious synth sounds, with textures further deepened by field recordings direct from nature.

Tristeza - Uplifting synth arpeggios extend through Tristeza, oozing an optimism that gently guides a feeling of infinite possibility. Beleza - The most meditative track of the EP, Beleza prompts a change in momentum that soothes and concludes with trance inducing drone elements.


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