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PREMIERE: Mesquitas & Danny - It's Too Late [FINNEST]

FINNEST brings us a new release, “IT'S TOO LATE” by Mesquitas & Danny (AT), in its third reference, second of its “Underground Series” division, it is an original cut accompanied by a remix by the talented Philipp Lichtblau.

The Original cut is an obvious example of the quality that Rafa and Danny have accustomed us to, very elegant deep house with a super sensual vocal and a subtle rhythm perfect for heating up the club floor at the beginning of the night.

In the remix we have Philipp, who after having signed on labels like HedZup or Rendr presents us with a more minimalist version of It's Too Late, with a deeper bassline, a more extended dynamic and a happy groove that makes you move your foot uncontrollably and inevitably.

Without a doubt, this maxi is a piece worthy of collecting.



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