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PREMIERE: Son & Stepson - Stick (Original Mix)[Slow Motion]

"It took 4 years to come up with this project, but finally we are there and we are happy to show it to you. Vicky Montefusco together with brotherly friend Karmine Domenicano decided to bring up something that would blend their different influences, Karmine lover of the "instrumental" Vicky of the "electronic synths", in fact their works will be characterized by the intersection of these two ways. The first of these will come out, and they are happy that it is an Italian label, on the legendary Slow Motion records, in a compilation called "Italian Synth Planetarium" along with lot of super artists as Fabrizio Mammarella, Daniel Monaco, Rodion, Brioski and many others. While others releases will be announced in the near future.They are preparing a cool live set but will not disdain the DJ set, which always remains the first love, for those who want it".

At Chromatic we are pleased to present the Track "Stick". This track as captivating as elegant, with the perfect amount of substance, is presented with a powerful style that ranges from the classic to the most innovative. Enjoy!


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