PREMIERE: Tassilo Vanhöfen - LSDream [Electric Shapes]

The slow and trancey virtuoso from Frankfurt is back to release his solo EP. Each track has its own movement - mysterious, tense, exploring, expanding. Each movement is a medicine for your flesh and soul. The EP also includes great sounds from Greece. The remix by Anatolian Weapons is, as always, something more than just an interpretation.

From the first tribal beats, this EP triggers your body to want to move, something we're sorely lacking these days. We hope you can shake off the pandemic cobwebs to these tunes, wherever you are.

We present the theme "LSDream", a movie theme accompanied by cosmic synthesizers that will help the bodies to relax and travel until lost in the immensity of sounds. A track as captivating as it is elegant, with the perfect amount of substance, it is presented in a powerful style that ranges from classic to cutting edge. Enjoy!